Waed international is successfully operating in the field of marketing and media services since 1993.  The variety of our advertising solutions will give your company an opportunity to place the corporate identity in the spotlight, regardless who your target audience consists of. Access your consumers today with effective on-target marketing by Waed International for Marketing & Media Services. Our mission is to assist companies and institutions in the process of suiting their activities, in the best possible manner in order to summarize the main success criteria of any promotional campaign.

With the collaboration of Waed International, Smart Business core, which is to generate real leads via digital marketing, and main plan which is to start by collecting real data from the market by applying different marketing methods and below the line activates, then use the data collected to create digital marketing strategies to a clearly identified target audience, that results in reliable and measurable results and make a real difference on any business position in the market regardless of its sector, will be easily applied.

One of the most successful Digital Strategies and Campaigns that Waed International, and Smart Business worked on together, depending on real data from the market is  Logicom. Check it out!