Who  We Are

SMART BUSINESS SAL is a team of business enthusiasts with a mission to remodel economic thinking, especially after the financial and economic crisis that surfaced in Lebanon since late 2019.

Productive sectors being the cornerstone of a healthy and sustainable economy, our mission is to provide smart solutions for producers to optimize their production processes and expand their market potentials. 

OUR GOAL is to introduce technology as a key turning point for every business, crafting solutions to optimize performance, enhancing feasibility for projects, creating job opportunities, and embracing collaboration.

WE SERVE not only by providing services, but also by investing in projects that bring us closer to our mission and objectives.

OUR MOTTO speaks for itself: Enable, Empower, Engage. We enable entrepreneurs, businesses and projects by providing necessary tools and solutions, empower communities, producers, service providers and customers in various ways, and most importantly engage all stakeholders of the value chain in building healthy, sustainable and ethical business relationships.