When technology meets talent

adversity turns into  opportunity

With the help of technology and human talent, we devise innovative solutions to optimize the value chain of productive businesses (agriculture, energy, technology, industry, digital, logistics and more…)

Our 3Es motto: Enable, Empower, Engage summarizes our mission. Our solutions aim to enable production, empower businesses and entrepreneurs in productive sectors and engage communities in driving healthier and more sustainable growth

The Business Concept

Smart Business is a platform dedicated to nurture, manage and invest in projects

We cater for all stakeholders in the value chain: producers, consumers, service providers and everyone in between

Optimize the value chain

  • Reduce costs

  • Connect stakeholders 

  • Source for solutions along the chain

  • Maximize outcome value

Develop and integrate technology

  • Drive healthy growth

  • Optimize time and human resources
  • Expand market potentials
  • Invest in knowledge

Drive investment
/ Create opportunity

  • Finance and accelerate projects

  • Source opportunities and potentials

  • Build value through production

  • Encourage entrepreneurship

Give back to the community

  • Lead collaborative initiatives

  • Embrace sustainability
  • Share knowledge, spread awareness
  • Help local producers for free
  • Nurture the human network

Our Projects 

coming to life, one milestone at a time

Smart Power

Led by a team of electrical engineers and experienced solar power specialists, Smart Power, a project by Smart Business SAL, provides affordable and sustainable power solutions to farmers, offices, households, healthcare centers, educational institutions, industrial facilities and more.

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Smart Farms

Smart Farms, a project by Smart Business SAL, sources equipment, tools and products for farmers and agri-entrepreneurs

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Online marketplace connecting producers to consumers. SendMe is a fully homegrown e-commerce technology solution with advanced interfaces for merchants, users, delivery partners and drivers. 

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IMEX is an international marketplace for importers and exporters, with importers being individual customers, large-scale international resellers or anything in between, and exporters being factories, brand managers, trade agents or even dropshippers.
IMEX gives you the change to shop from a variety of stores on-board and the ability to order samples or place wholesale inquiries from anywhere in the world.

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